Jen is a Professional Aromatherapist (MIFPA) and Yoga Teacher at Feel Your Flow. She is passionate about helping busy women, mothers and mothers-to-be find balance in their lives and reconnect with their inner flow.

“My journey with yoga and aromatherapy started in 2008 when I experienced a burnout – from one day to the next I couldn’t get out of bed. Working long hours, regularly travelling for business and commuting, I learnt that I needed to refocus my life’s priorities for the sake of my health, and so my relationship with complementary health and wellbeing began.

I joined a yoga class in my lunchtime at work, negotiating the extra time I would need to work to be able to attend. After each class, the sense of peace I felt was amazing, my health improved and yoga became my way to reconnect with myself after a full day of being in the mind.

I wanted to live more like this and so in 2015, the opportunity came to train with the internationally renowned Tri Yoga International, and by 2016 I became one of 5 in the UK qualified in this flowing yoga style.

At the same time a taster course in aromatherapy at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Covent Garden, London opened the door to my interest and passion for natural therapy and I embarked upon the comprehensive 2 year study programme to become a Clinical Aromatherapist, accredited by one of the best professional bodies in the field, IFPA. The powerful and profound combination of massage and the essential oils fascinates me everyday and working with the individual needs of my clients makes working in this area deeply fulfilling.”